Strike 3 Pest Control Success Stories

I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks. We had one of your employees come out to our house Friday at 3pm, March 16. He was so friendly and polite. It means a lot to have someone visit your house to perform a quick service and be friendly and respectful. He was great! Very thorough as well, and listened to all my concerns. I appreciate how he explained what he was doing and why and addressed any safety concerns I had about my child and pets regarding the pest spray. He was a great representation for your company!
We will certainly be recommending you to our friends and neighbors! 
Have a great day!
N. Iver
I called Strike 3 pest control for my house I recently bought. It was a foreclosure and had sat for almost 3 years with minimal lawn maintenance, so you can imagine the bug infestation around it. To my surprise the inside wasn't too bad but I wanted to spray inside and outside and fog the attic just to be on the safe side. STRIKE 3 was by FAR the most affordable place I called and the added bonus was the courtesy, promptness and professionalism displayed!
Karena N
"I recently was made aware that my house had a small termite situation. This was not good news & I was very anxious about it at first. As you can imagine, I'm thinking worst case scenario & my house was going to fall apart at any moment. After asking around & getting some friend referrals, I contacted Strike 3 Pest Control. They were extremely friendly over the phone & offered to do a free in-home estimate.

Strike 3 was able to come by fairly quickly. Their technician did a full inspection that took about an hour and provide us with a quote right away. He was also kind enough to throw in a full house treatment for the inside & outside. Luckily, I was told that the termites had more than likely not done any significant damage and this was actually extremely common in our area.

We did get a second opinion from another reputable company, but they happened to be several hundred dollars more expensive & didn't give us much confidence with their level of knowledge. Strike 3 was able to schedule an appointment for about 1 week out. 

The work was performed over a two day period. The men that came onsite to do the work were very friendly, professional & worked quickly. They actually had to drill holes about every foot or so along the garage walls & around the back concrete deck. They filled each hole back in with concrete. There were several very small holes drilled inside where our drywall was. They also filled those drywall holes. We just need to paint over them again. Not a big deal. They were careful to vacuum up any debris that was left. I literally did not have to do any cleanup once they were completed. 

Overall, I was very satisfied with their work. I wasn't wild about the cost of it, but it really is a lot of work. I will more than likely use them in the future for any standard bug spraying. Since they did the treatment a week ago, we haven't seen a single live bug in or around the house. The termite work has a 5-year warranty."
Clayton M. from Yelp
“I have used Strike 3 for a year now.  I have been very happy with their service.  I plan on continuing using them and will recommend them to anyone.”  
Angie’s List Customer Review
“We have Strike 3 spray for bugs and other pests every 3 months.  They have been spraying our house for several years now.  Rodney (the owner/technician) first sprays outside the house around the foundation, doorways, windows, and crawlspace entrances - anywhere bugs might try to come inside the house.  Then he sprays the inside of the house around the baseboards in all the rooms.  He also spreads granular bug killer in the beds and areas near the house.  He checks for any other type of pests - like termites, bees/wasps nests, etc.  He even brings his own water supply to mix up the chemicals!!
We have had great results with Strike 3.  Rodney is always on time for our appointments - he is super punctual.  And he is very thorough in spraying and treating our house for pests.  He always says that if we have any problems between scheduled applications to just call and he will come by to take care of them.  We haven't had any problems with bugs since Strike 3 started treating our house.”
Angie’s List Customer Review
"I am very impressed with Strike 3.  We've used several pest control companies in other places we've lived and none have been as thorough as Strike 3.  He arrived at our house on time, listened to my concerns, and after asking me to show him the areas where we've seen ants and spiders, he advised me how he was going to treat the problem areas.  He also was very careful working around our dog.  All in all, a great company.  I prefer to use smaller, locally owned companies whenever I can, and Strike 3 is a perfect choice for us."
Cindy C. from Yelp